Core team for ArmA II

Atonic Models & textures
Norsu Models, textures & config
Blake Additional models & textures
MikkoV Additional models & textures
SmartDrv Additional models & textures
Goeth Sounds & island
Kegetys Advice

Core team for ArmA

Blake Project leading, texturing, modeling, etc.
MikkoV Project leading, texturing, modeling, etc.
Kegetys Modeling, main config coding, scripting, GUI, etc.
Goeth Sounds, islands
Norsu Texturing, modeling
Feer Config coding
atonic Texturing, modeling
God Photography, technical advisor
SmartDrv Animations, modeling

Additional crew in OFP releases

Cam0flage Technical advisor
Edge (aka Ivan) Modelling, texturing
FW200 Texturing, modelling
Jazmon Texturing, graphics
Jus Techinical advisor, modelling, missions
Lawndrill Photography
Lucas Missions, research
Murmeli Modelling and texturing APILAS
Nyles Game design, research
Ripa Texturing, modeling
Sugsilla Modelling and texturing tents
Una Texturing, photography
Wonder Technical advisor

Special thanks for making OFP releases possible:

Airut Soundtrack for campaign
Desert OFP Project – Lavos MT-LBv, ZU-23-2 Sergei
Bundeswehr Mod Leopard 2A4
Sigma-6 T-72M1 model
UceE Various textures, Russian Fed. units
AKM74 PstO 82
SelectThis Kawasaki
DKMMOD TOW and Remington
Mehanic Peugeot Boxer
Jahve Mi-8
Scoo Photography
Sole Fokker F.60U model
Swedish Forces Pack & SwissMOD CV9040
Vipersheart (L.B.Mod) MP5
Nacho Zodiac
Chain of Command Combat Divers
Ballistic Addon Studio MD-500
TJ / The Enhanced Configuration Project Scripting
Jackal326 / SJB Barrett, Walther P99
Red Hammer Studios T-54/T-55 models
Ares Sauna
Invasion ’44 StuH model, Bazooka, Pak40 model
Liberation 41-45 T26 Interiors, T34/76
Subfaction Gunsight
Phoenixhero BT-7 model
Skinmez Curtiss Hawk basemodel
Vibes Pak36, Fords