ArmA - Finnish Defence Forces Mod v1.0 Readme


Working installation of Armed Assault: Version 1.14 or higher and Queen´s Gambit expansion.

ArmA - FDF Mod features
- FDF Rapid Deployment Force Soldiers with several variations
- FDF Special Jaegers with several variations
- Sisu XA-360 (Patria AMV)
- Landrover Defender
- Podaga island
- All Armed Assault sounds replaced
- 8 new Finnish radio voice profiles
- King's Gamble single-player campaign
- MP missions

Weapons                 Weapon name             Magazine name
-------                 -----------             -------------
RK 95                   FDF_rk95                FDF_30rnd_762x39_rk
HK mp5a3 Reflex         FDF_mp5a3_reflex        30rnd_9x19_mp5
M80 Pistol              FDF_m80                 15rnd_9x19_m9
Sako TRG-42             FDF_trg42               FDF_5rnd_86x70_trg42
PKM                     FDF_pkm                 100rnd_762x54_pk
M31 Suomi               FDF_m31                 FDF_70rnd_9x19_m31
M39 Ukko-Pekka          FDF_m39                 FDF_5rnd_762x54_mosin
HK 69A1                 FDF_hk69a1              1rnd_HE_m203
66 KES 88               FDF_kes88               FDF_kes88_mag
112 RsKes APILAS        FDF_apilas              FDF_apilas_mag
M43 Handgrenade         -                       FDF_handgrenade
FDF Smokeshell          -                       FDF_smokeshell
ITKK 12.7               FDF_itkk                50Rnd_127x107_DSHKM

King's Gamble Campaign
Ascending to throne after his sister, Queen Isabella, King Orlando I started his reign with promises of democracy and economic reform.
But after 3 years the Kingdom of United Sahrani has become a state ruled by a tyrant with the support of rich oligarky.
After mounting dissent and political violence, EU, Russia and USA have sent their troops to prevent United Sahrani from
descending into a civil war. The king has promptly renewed his promises of free elections to the international community.
On this fragile ground the people of Sahrani and foreign nations lay their hopes and dreams. Up north,
the Nordic Battlegroup consisting of Finnish and Swedish RDF troops soon find out that they are just chips in a king's deceitful gamble...

Known Issues & tips
- Finnish radio voices and English ones may be heard randomly on West/East/Independent soldiers, please use 'setidentity' command to avoid this.
Visit for more information. If you find Finnish radio voices annyoing/distracting you
may remove them by deleting 'YourInstallationDirectory\Arma\FDFmod\FDF_voice.pbo' file. Remember to take backup first!

- Despite extensive testing a campaign mission might not progress properly or the missions may feel too difficult, ArmA cheats are available here:

- AMV floats too high and inner textures are a bit unfinished.

ArmA - FDFmod License
To use the Finnish Defence Forces mod you must agree to these conditions.
You are permitted to install and use the Finnish Defence Forces mod for personal entertainment
purposes only. Any military, commercial or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from the authors.
All material in the Finnish Defence Forces mod is copyrighted,
free redistribution is permitted for the original Finnish Defence Forces mod
package as long as it is kept unmodified and distributed 100% free of any kind of charge.
Distribution of parts of the Finnish Defence Forces mod or the distribution of modifications of the
Finnish Defence Forces mod is forbidden without permission from the authors.

Bis License
Objects in FDF_obj.pbo are free source and under Bis lisence

Arma - FDFmod Credits
Norsu - Models & textures
Atonic - Models & textures
MikkoV - Models & textures
SmartDrv - Models & textures
Blake - Models, textures & campaign
Goeth - Sounds & island
Kegetys - Advice

Radio voices

King's Gamble Campaign Credits
Broileri - voice acting
PeterNorth - voice acting
Kuokkanen - voice acting
Jack PP Porker - voice acting
Gorath - voice acting
Charlie Frank - voice acting
Pete - voice acting
Maako - voice acting
Winters - voice acting
Blake - voice acting
LDD Kyllikki - Beta testing
Goeth - Beta testing
Norsu - Beta testing
Atonic - Beta testing
MikkoV - Beta testing
SmartDrv - Beta testing

Misc Credits
LDD Kyllikki - Beta testing
Stellar - Island beta testing
Ukkapukka - Island beta testing
Kuokkanen - Island  beta testing

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